db8 Social Media Share

Version 1.7.1
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2017-04-13 02:00

The Social Media Share module displays social media icons that visitors can click to share a page with their own social network via social media. The module has 6 Icomoon icons (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Email and Pinterest) that can be styled via CSS or make use of the Layout Override for Font Awesome icons.


Most Social Media extensions had too much options for me. Some of them download JavaScript from external sites and call back to social media sites to show how many of your friends have shared / liked the page. Besides of a performance decrease because of the loading, it can also cause privacy issues. Therefore I created a small social media share module with only the functionality that I needed.

Share button only

This Module displays Icons with hyperlinks to make it easier to share the page via Social Media. It does not use JavaScript, nor does it communicate any information to the social media websites if the buttons are NOT clicked. When a visitor clicks on one of the buttons, it opens a small window from that social media. The visitor can change the text and link to your page, and share it with their friends.

Easy configuration

In the back-end of the Module you can configure the order of the buttons and visibility (to make an icon invisible, set order to "0").

Image icons or CSS icons

You can choose between Image icons that are optimized for accessibility or CSS icons. When you choose CSS icons, you can load the default CSS, or choose to add the CSS to your own template CSS (for better performance). An url to an image (e.g. your logo) can be set in the "


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Included language files:

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-- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.7.0 [13-April-2017] --
# Accessibility + Added icons

-- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.6.0 [31-March-2015] --
# Conditional loading CSS + "Fontawesome" Alternative Layout

-- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.4 [18-April-2014] --
# Moved the CSS import to the tmpl file so that template overrides will be easier. Added minified version of CSS.

 -- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.3 [17-April-2014] --
# Fixed for automatic future update notifications & one-click-update functionality

-- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.2 [16-April-2014] --
# Added information screen to Module back-end with links to documentation and github.

-- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.1 [16-April-2014] --
# Has 6 icons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Email and Pinterest. The icon images have been replaced with icomoon icons made with http://icomoon.io/app/

-- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v1.0 [6-February-2014] --
# Added 1st version to github with 4 image icons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.


Install, add the module to your site, configure the order and disable any unwanted icons. Visitors can click one of the icons to share the URL + subject of the page with people in their social media network.